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The New Wave of SEO

“SEO” is a dated term – old, out of step with current practices, and rooted in the days of spam tactics to get high search result rankings. A new wave of integrated search marketing practice is rolling over SEO, incorporating its remaining useful elements within more encompassing practices of content marketing and content optimization – modern integrated search marketing that delivers high search visibility through relevant content and effective distribution.

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Barbara “WebMama” Coll

Barbara has enjoyed navigating, Inc., through the exciting waters of what has become search marketing. As one of the early explorers, she rode the waves of the early search engines, with pioneer clients like Hewlett-Packard, Netscape, and Netcentives. And now, as one of the most experienced captains of the industry, she provides her expertise to companies seeking knowledge and understanding of current challenges in web marketing.

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Importance of Search Visibility

If a company wants to be seen as the leader of an industry, then they need a business strategy to be highly visible across the entire web for the keywords that define that industry. The cornerstone of high visibility is the domination of those industry keywords, in search results worldwide. Achieving dominance is not an easy task, but there are steps that you can take right now, to start making it happen.

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WebMama Consulting Services

Today you need to be visible in search – and stay visible – with the rapid pace of change where customers are searching. If you are ready to take that next step, can help you develop the digital strategies and tactics that will make you highly visible in search and keep you visible over the long term. With our how to buy xanax from canada, we tailor our buy yellow xanax bars online to the needs of business-to-business companies who sell globally today or intend to do so in the near future.